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Omar Suazo has been considered the new wave of traditional and modern Garfiuna music. He was born in the Garifuna town of Sambo Creek, Honduras. As a child he learned what all Garifuna children learned how to craft, sing, dance and play garifuna instruments. He became known as a master of Garifuna life and at the age of five he started performing from town to town singing and dancing traditional Garfuna music. At age sixteen, he was recognized by the owner of Projecto X ,one of the hottest Bands, to be lead Punta Singer. Omar was electric and energetic on stage, with his dance and song he becoming then youngest upcoming Punta singer in Central America. 

He then joined with Yurumei Band and became their lead Punta singer. Now Omar has become a soloist known as Omar "Babakle" Suazo. His new single CD release of "Tanari Mama" (Medicine for my mother) has symbolized hardship for an adult trying to provide for his/her mother in the Garifuna community. As a soloist he has performed in Central America, United States and Europe.

Omar currently teaches Garifuna Culture Workshops and performs modern as well as traditional Garifuna dance and music.

Schedule 2004

Punta Explosion

Sunday Sep 19, 2004
Ceylon Park, Dorchester  
         (Parque de los Hondureños)

Schedule 2002

Saturday May 4,2002
@ Stony Brook train Station Yard
Boston, MA

Saturday& Sunday May 11th & 12th
together with MOHUBUB and UGURU BAND
8 Western Ave, Los Angeles, California

Omar and Uguru Bands from Belize
live in LA, California
Saturday April 20, 2002

Teaching Dance workshop January 19- March 16 2002
Children ages 7-17 yrs old "La Pinta"
45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain

Saturday March 2, 2002 @ 7:00pm-1am
Fundraiser for Spontaneous Celebration
Omar dance worskop group will be perfoming

Friday March 8, 2002 @ 7pm
Omar will be peforming Folkloure Garifuna music accompanied by local Garifuna 

Caravan to Chiapas and Central America (computers to the Garifuna 
communities) @ Spontaneous Celebration 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain

Schedule 2001

Friday December 21, 2001      Milkyway Lounge, JamaicaPlain, MA

Schedule 2000

North America:

Chicago Summer Dance

Chicago, IL

Equator Club

Chicago, IL

Bridgewater State Universtiy

Bridgewater, MA

Latin American Festival

Chelsea, MA

Kay;s Oasis

Dorchester, MA

Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Harmony Street Fair

Staten Island, NY

International African Art Festival

Brooklyn, NY

Linclon Center

New York, NY

Neil’s Night Club

New York, NY

Punta Rock Explostion

Bronx, NY

Universtiy of Albany

Albany, NY

Armani Outdoor Festival

Carlisle, PA

Crystal Corner

Madison, WC

Orton Park Festival

Madision, WC


Het Nieuwsblad "Market Rock"




Antilliaane Feesten "Caribbean Festival"
See pics on Salsaweb 


Central America:




Expecting salsa, you get punta rock, Boston Globe, 9/9/01

"The International Garifuna Band with Paula Castillo and Omar Suazo is a Punta rock all-star band with the same drumming beat that made Andy Palacio such a huge hit last year."


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Jamaica Plain, MA  02130

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